Your home is the biggest reflection of your taste and personality. It needs considerable planning and thoughts. There are many things that need to be struck off the long list to give your living space the look of perfection that it truly deserves.



Furniture brings a living space to life. Therefore, the arrangement, position, and tone of the furnishings are of vital importance. The arrangement and position of the furniture is the basic framework on which the look of a room depends. When it comes to balancing the distribution of furniture inside a room, there are certain patterns that new-age designers follow as per the taste of their clients. The three styles of arrangement are symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial.

Symmetrical balance in design is more traditional than the rest. We often see old palatial mansions which have furnishings arranged in symmetry so one half of the room looks like a mirror image of the other half. Symmetrical designs are very archaic, and meant to give one the impression of living in a balanced atmosphere. Symmetrical arrangements look very contrived, and also there isn’t much room to be creative while conforming to so many rules.

Asymmetrical balance is less contrived than the typical symmetrical arrangements. This kind of arrangement has more scope to be creative. In this kind of arrangement, elements are arranged not to mirror each other, but actually to complement each other. Asymmetrical arrangements provide designers with a scope to be more creative and add touches of innovation to the designed spaces.

Radial arrangement is one where every element is arranged towards the centre that acts as a focal point of the design. This kind of arrangement is seen in spaces designed for specific purposes.

Achieving a perfect balance of visual weight is a room is definitely not as simple as it sounds. It needs thorough consideration, planning, and is also dependent on the functionality of the designed space.



Juxtaposing different shapes, colours, and textures together can bring your space to life. Contrasts definitely add a whole new character to your home and workspace. Contrasts are not just added with respect to colour schemes, but also with the help of shapes and textures. Touches of contrast can also be added to furniture to enliven the look of your designed spaces. For instance, white cushions on a black leather couch, cushions in the shape of squares as well as circles, not only accentuate the striking feature of the space, but also makes one appreciate the individual shapes, colours, and textures a lot more.

Crown molding


Crown molding is the finishing touch of finesse that can be added to your home to give it that complete look of perfection. It is added to the ceiling and the floor to add that look of continuity and elegance to your living space. It is often seen that living spaces without crown molding look drab and unfinished. There is no look of continuity in the colour schemes and texture of the ceiling, walls, and floor. Without crown molding we see a jarring appearance of discontinuity that mars the appearance of your precious spaces. Therefore crown molding is becoming an essential component of designing your living areas. Nowadays design firms are adding lights and other innovative patters and designs to this to make it seem more plush and sophisticated.

Colour scheme


Deciding on a colour scheme is one of the prime considerations that decide the look of your interiors. When it comes to life, there is an entire range of colours to choose from and your living spaces can be brought to life with vibrant and happy shades. But colour choices also depend on the members of the family, and purpose of the designed space. Therefore, it is one of those critical choices that require a lot of thought. Vaastu guidelines also play a major role in deciding colour schemes and patterns for the walls and the doors and windows. There are many factors to be considered while choosing the perfect colour for your room. If there is a baby in the family, the baby’s room is always supposed to have vibrant colours to aid cognitive development. Similarly, elderly people prefer more mellow and soothing shades for their rooms. Bedrooms are passionate spaces which often look amazing in colours and textures of red. Prayer spaces need shades of white and blue. Living rooms create the first impression of your home, and they really need a vibrant colour as per your choosing to accentuate the elegance and liveliness of your home.

Doors and windows: Glazing


Windows let the light in, but even in a less philosophical tone, we can say that the colour, shape, and position of the windows in your living space determine its look to a great extent. It is important to choose the colour and glazing of the windows and doors to add the finishing touches to your design. But we have to remember that this process is dependent on choosing the colour scheme for your home first. Therefore, this can be done only after the colour scheme has been decided upon and should be in line with the colours and texture of the house.

Floor designs


One of the major fields where you can be creative about designing your spaces is the floor pattern and styling. Designing firms are coming up with various ideas to add amazing touches to your floors to ensure you feel the caress of luxury at every step. From epoxy 3D floor designing, wooden flooring, to carpet finish, clients are raving about the spectacular designs and ideas proposed by the design firms. With 3D epoxy floor designs, you can turn the floor of your favourite spaces into your desired image. Flooring and layering is done by adding the perfect image depth to give your floors the perfect 3D look. Now have your guests wonder and marvel over the cascade or waterfall or the ocean that is actually just your bedroom floor!

We know how important your home and office is to you. Now choose right and plan right to make it an embodiment of good taste, elegance, and style!